Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair and Replacement

Affordable Quality Roofer in Baltimore MD-Columbia MD

If you live in the Baltimore MD- Columbia MD area and your flat roof is leaking, it is time for maintenance or you think you have problems with your flat roof, call Christian Roofing and Construction for an honest, professional assessment (with digital photo documentation). Depending on the material, flat roofs need periodic maintenance in order for it to not deteriorate.   If you have already had an estimate on a flat roof, or if you have been told that your flat roof needs replaced, call Christian Roofing for a second option.  Odds are we can save you money and give you outstanding service at the same time!

Christian Roofing has built, repaired and replaced hundreds of flat roofs in the Baltimore MD area.  Our expertise and commitment to detail means that you will have a solid, sturdy roof for well over 20 years, maybe even a lifetime.

Although they look totally flat, flat roofs are slightly inclined roofs.This allows the rain to run off of them instead of ponding and puddling on the roof.  Flat roofs are made from different materials, and there is a flat roof for every budget.

Types of Flat Roofs, Baltimore, MD

Modified Bitumen Flat Roof-  Most of the flat roof work we perform is this type of roof, also called “torched down rubber roofing.”  The roof is covered with an asphalt shingle roof material (or similar material), which  is rolled out like carpet on the roof, and then sealed down with a torch.    Benefits of a Torched Down Bitumen Roof includes safe installation, long-term durability, availability in heat-reflecting white, and a lower cost-per-year than other roofing solutions.  We use Firestone 180 modified bitumen material that comes with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Built-Up-Roof (BUR)  This is the original flat roof material and what you often see in Baltimore, especially on older homes.  While they are usually the lowest initial cost option, we find replacing the roof as frequently as is needed with this type of roof makes it a cost-ineffective option.  Built-Up roofs usually only last 5-8 years, vs modified bitumen which is known to last well over 20 years.  Christian Roofing can  help you expend the life you your existing BUR by using a high-quality fibered or non-fibered asphalt aluminum. We can also repair built up roofs by using plastic cement and fiberglass membrane cloth, We can also make torched down rubber repairs on BUR’s.

PVC Membrane Flat Roof- PVC is a soft, pliable plastic, rolled out similarly to vinyl flooring, but with a much tougher surface designed for outside protection.  After it is heat-welded to the roof, it is leak-proof and virtually wind proof.  PVC roofing manufacturers claim that these roofs outlast modified bitumen roofs, but they are much more expensive to purchase and install.

Rubber Membrane Flat Roof (EPDM) Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer- This is an extremely durable man- made rubber material that is available in black and white.  It  can be “glued” to the roof, mechanically attached or attached by ballasts.  The material is similar to a thick innertube.

Christian Roofing  provides complete repairs, replacements and maintenance services for all types of flat roofs in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County and most of central Maryland.   For a free roof inspection and estimate on solutions, call Alexander at Christian Roofing at 410 530-8444.